Actor Adnan Siddiqui faced a lot of criticism after making a comment comparing women to house flies on TV. He said it was just a joke, but people didn’t like it. TV host Fiza Ali even talked about it on her morning show, criticizing the veteran actor.

Fiza started by saying, “As a woman, I feel upset. Adnan Siddiqui, you called women flies. You’re famous, so you need to be careful about what you say.”

Fiza reminded Adnan of the risks of making such a statement, even as a joke. “You have made these comments about women, but remember, you have women in your life. Do you view your mother as a fly? Your sister? Your daughter? If she goes out in the world to study, and some other guy says she is just like a fly, how would that make you feel? Would you like it,” she asked.
“You should have thought before speaking. You need to say sorry. You owe it to all women. Just upload a video apologizing. It will make people respect you.” And to make herself clear, Fiza ended by saying, “Women are NOT flies.”


While fans agreed with Fiza in the comments, some other celebrities saw Adnan’s comments differently. Controversial screenwriter and director Khalilur Rehman Qamar defended Adnan during an Eid show.

“He’s a good man,” said KRQ when asked about it. “I know him. He’s a friend. He respects women a lot. Sometimes when you’re trying to say something, you might end up saying the wrong thing.”

To explain, KRQ called Adnan during the show and asked about the comment. Adnan clarified, “I was on Nida’s show, and a fly kept bothering me. I wasn’t comparing women to flies. I just used the fly to say that when you chase women, they might avoid you.”

Both men agreed that Adnan’s comments were just a joke. Adnan criticized today’s society, saying, “You can’t speak plainly anymore. If you call someone black, deaf, or fat, people criticize you. Even though I’m Pathan, I can’t play a Pathan role without people thinking I’m making fun of all Pathans.”
“Agreed, agreed,” concurred KRQ.

A little while later, KRQ shared his thoughts on the topic. He said, “A joke is supposed to make people laugh, nothing more.” With Adnan’s comment spreading quickly, it’s uncertain how much longer people will keep talking about it.