Flood waters from Yamuna river have reached the boundary wall of the Taj Mahal, raising fears of damage to the most famous building in India.

Water levels in Yamuna have risen steadily since June when unusually heavy rains hit north India including Uttar Pradesh, home to the iconic Taj. According to India’s Central Water Commission (CWC), the portion of the river flowing alongside the Taj Mahal rose to 152m on Tuesday evening, well above the warning level for potential danger of 151.4m. The level considered dangerous is 152.4 metres.

The last time flood waters hit the boundary wall was in 1978, exactly 45 years ago.


The mausoleum, where Mughal emperor Shah Jehan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal are buried, remains untouched by the water as of now.

However, the red walls of the compound appear submerged in photographs shared by Indian news outlets.