A 21-year-old American vlogger was allegedly gang-raped by her tour guide and his two accomplices in Dera Ghazi Khan on July 17. A case was registered against Muzamil Sipra, Shehzad and Azaan Khosa by the Border Military Police (BMP).

Yesterday, she shared an update about her case on her Instagram story and said that one of the suspects, Azaan Khosa, had been granted a pre-arrest bail.

“Azaad Khosa had not been arrested for all this time. Today, he obtained a pre-arrest bail and is scheduled to be produced in front of court on August 6.”


She also alleged that the DNA test report “has been subjected to delays and is still pending.” The DNA samples were collected on July 20.

‘Can never recover,’ says foreigner who was raped in DG Khan

Earlier, while talking to the media, the woman revealed she knew the man [one of the culprits] for a long time and is hurt by the fact that he could do something like this.

“I am deeply hurt by the fact that a friend I have known for such a long time was trying to portray a positive image of this beautiful country to foreign travellers, who seemed so trustworthy, could commit such a vile and horrific act,” she said.

She said that she can never recover from the mental scars that the incident has left.

The woman said that the legal proceedings in this regard are very difficult, but there is hope that justice will be served. According to her, so far the proceedings have been smooth.

Foreigner gang-raped by tour guide, two accomplices in DG Khan

The woman who has been living in Pakistan for the past seven months, was gang-raped at Fort Munro hill station of DG Khan district. She was allegedly gang-raped by her tour guide and his two accomplices.

According to Deputy Commissioner Anwar Baryar, the woman stayed at one of the suspects’ houses in Rajanpur before reaching Fort Munro.

Following the horrendous incident, she registered an official complaint. According to the rape survivor, they raped her in a hotel in Fort Munro.

A case was registered against Sipra, Shehzad and Azan Khosa by Border Military Police (BMP). In a First Information Report (FIR), the survivor said, “We stayed in a hotel at Fort Munro where both suspects gang-raped me”, adding that they also made a video to blackmail her.

She alleged that she was threatened for reporting the matter to the police.

BMP has arrested two suspects involved in this incident. District Police Officer (DPO) of DG Khan tweeted, “This incident has taken place in the limits of Border Military Police (BMP) Tribal Area Police Station Fort Munro. They have taken immediate action on the complaint of a foreign woman.”

Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Hamza Shehbaz took notice of the incident and directed the Punjab Police chief to personally monitor the case.