The daughter of a former diplomat was killed yesterday in the capital. According to details, the police said the victim was slaughtered after being shot. Another person was also injured in the incident, Dawn News has reported.

“A friend of the girl had been arrested over his alleged involvement in the murder,” police said, “the alleged killer is a son of leading businessman.”

“A man named Zahir Jaffer, who was allegedly involved in the murder, was arrested on the spot and taken to the police station,” the Islamabad police tweeted.


According to The Current’s sources, the alleged murderer, Zahir Jaffer was working in his family business and had been left alone in the city during the Eid holidays. A college dropout, Zahir’s friends have suggested that he was an active drug user.

People on social media are demanding justice by using the hashtag #JusticeForNoor, with her friends lamenting the death of a person who seems to be “one of kindest humans….compassionate, smiling, offering her little unique gestures of kindness”.