Pakistani PUBG mobile teams AsAgonxi8, 52 eSports, Team R3CIDIGE eSports and Team Guts and Glory which is currently playing under Mongolian eSports Organization WAWO eSports, reached Nepal to play in the Pubg Mobile Super League (PSML) 2024.

PMSL is a LAN (Local Area Network) event which is scheduled in Kathmandu, Nepal.

PMSL is a two phase event including league stage and final stage. The league stage is a three weeks battle with total 30 matches, staring from May 22. Each week will consists of five match-days with six matches per day.


Here is the list of teams participating in the event:

ASagi8 Esports
WAOW Esports
52 Esports
DRS Gaming
Horaa Esports
A1 TMT Esports
IHC Esports
Stalwart Esports
4Merical Vibes
Everest Gaming
Stronger Esports
Falcons Force
Major Pride
Team Lakers
RUKH eSports
HardBass Team
De Muerte

A total of 20 team from Pakistan, South Asia and Central Asia will compete in this event. Top 16 teams from league stage will advance to three days final stage starting from June 13 to June 15.

The total prize pool of the event is $200,000. The matches will be live streamed on official YouTube channel of PUBG MOBILE eSports South Asia.