Actress and model Nausheen Shah has talked about Imran Ashraf’s struggle from small roles to big success.
A video clip of Nausheen Shah is doing the rounds on social media, where she praises Imran Ashraf’s remarkable acting and dedication to work.

Reflecting on the past, she said that once Imran told her, “Aasha (Nausheen Shah), you’ve seen my tough times too when I wasn’t getting big roles, struggling to make a mark in the industry, and you advised me to stay strong in difficult times.”


The actress said, “I learned something from Imran Ashraf at that time, which I have held onto till today.”
She said that Imran once told her, “If I am not getting the big roles, I have decided that if someone doesn’t offer me big roles, then I will make the small roles big.”

She also said that, “Imran Ashraf played the character Khwaja Sara so well that I became emotional.”