Game of Thrones has had a record-breaking run since it first aired in April 2011. Its eighth and final season released on April 14, sending waves of excitement across the globe. Here’s taking a look back at all the records it broke.

GoT is the most watched TV show in history. The final episode of the seventh season set an all-time US record with 16.5 million people watching live or streaming on the day of transmission and 15 million more tuning in later. And these are just the stats for the US.

It is also the most expensive TV show ever. The eighth season reportedly had a budget of $15 million per episode, with the overall season cost amounting to $90 million. Most of the money was spent on lavish locations and special effects. However, the money isn’t lost as the franchise has reportedly earned more than $1 billion.
After the leak of four episodes of season five before it was broadcast, the producers were very particular about the security because of which they have shot several versions of the final episode.


Names of the characters from the series have also become immensely popular with dogs, goldfish and lots of babies being named after them. Arya was one of the most popular names for girls in Britain last year.

The series also led to a boom in tourism, particularly in Northern Ireland, where much of the series was shot. So much so, that the Croatian coastal city of Dubrovnik, the setting for King’s Landing, had to put limits on the number of visitors it can receive in its picturesque medieval centre.