Indian lyricist and activist Javed Akhtar took to Twitter on Monday to criticise Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for not taking action against Indian the app called “Bulli Bai”, which has been displaying pictures of more than 100 Muslim women for auction.

The musician expressed his anger and wrote: “There is an online auction of hundred women. There are so-called Dharm Sansads, advising the army the police n the people to go for the genocide of almost 200 MLN Indians. I am appalled with everyone‘s silence including my own n particularly of The PM. Is this Sub ka saath?”

The poet referred to the slogan “Sab ka saath, Sab ka vikas, Sab ka Vishwas, Sab ka prayaas” that was a part of Narendra Modi’s speech on India’s 75th Independence anniversary.


However, Javed was trolled by netizens as they started targeting and abusing his great grandfather who was a freedom fighter.