Lahore High Court on Friday heard petitions pertaining to the remediation of smog and passed its verdict. To thwart the pollution that has made Lahore among the most polluted cities of the world.

Justice Shahid Karim proposed to control vehicular emissions by banning vehicles that emit smoke, and in a unique recommendation, advised government servants to use bicycles for commuting.

The court advised the government to provide required funds to the organisations working for the reduction of smog. Commissioner of Lahore assured the court that a warning has been issued to factories and manufacturing units in Kasoor. He vowed to pay surprise visits and updated the court about the awareness campaign that has been started to plant trees. He informed the court about a ban on digging roads without permission.


The court expressed its disapproval of the officers of the Environment Department who are not charging offenders enough. In a matter-of-fact way, the court remarked that the industries which do not comply should be demolished, stressing that it is high time that the Deputy Commissioner and the police come out of their offices and be active on ground.

Additionally, the court gave a provisional go-ahead to the construction project in Babu Sabu, refusing to change the Railway Golf Club Administrator.