Gojra motorway gang-rape incident has turned out to be a blackmailing act as the complainant and the victim of it were actually members of the inter-district gang, reports Dawn.

Deputy Superintendent Police (DSP) revealed that the complainant dropped First Information Report (FIR) after filing it. He said that all gang members, including the victim and complainant, have been arrested and they have confessed to blackmailing a number of people.

Shaheen Akhtar, the complainant said that her 18-year-old niece Irumun Nisa was raped by two people in a car while travelling from Gojra to Faisalabad. Moreover, she alleged that men lured her niece from Toba Tek Singh on the pretext of offering her a job.


Initially, a person was arrested later the police discovered that Nisa was not the niece of complainant Akhtar and added that the gang members cooked up rape stories and extorted money from people.