Domestic bullion prices in Pakistan experienced a significant drop, with both gold and silver witnessing declines. The 24-karat gold closed at Rs220,200 per tola, falling by Rs2,800, while the price of 10-gramme 24-karat gold went down by Rs2,401, closing the day at Rs188,786 per tola. Additionally, 10-gramme 22-karat gold stood at Rs173,054 per tola, down by Rs2,200.

The drop in gold and silver prices can be attributed to the recent appreciation of the Pakistani rupee (PKR). The PKR managed to snap a three-day losing streak by appreciating Rs2.18 against the US dollar in the interbank session on Thursday. Since gold is denominated in US dollars, when the PKR strengthens against the dollar, the value of gold in PKR terms diminishes.

Similarly, the price of silver also witnessed a decline in the domestic market. The price of 24-karat silver fell by Rs50 to close at Rs2,750 per tola, and the price of 10-gramme 24-karat silver closed at Rs2,358 per tola, losing Rs42.86.


The recent appreciation of the Pakistani rupee, coupled with global interest rate developments, has influenced the decline in gold and silver prices in the domestic market. Investors are now keeping a close eye on economic indicators and global central bank decisions to anticipate potential shifts in precious metal prices.