As the international precious metal markets rose Thursday in response to a hawkish US Federal Reserve, investors were also drawn to gold as their available saving choices remained constrained. Pakistan’s gold price likewise maintained its impressive run.

The price of gold (24 karats) climbed by Rs2,200 per tola and Rs1,887 per 10 grammes to settle at Rs207,200 and Rs177,641, respectively, according to data issued by the All-Pakistan Sarafa Gems and Jewellers Association (APSGJA).

A stagnant International Monetary Fund (IMF), declining foreign exchange reserves, and a weak rupee have all contributed to the precious metal’s advances over the past two sessions. These factors will increase the price of importing gold.


However, investors were only buying gold bars, not jewellery, which had lowered goldsmiths’ profit margins and put the labour force at risk of losing jobs as jewellery manufacturers turned to other careers in the absence of work.

As investors continued to believe that the US Federal Reserve will end its rate-hiking cycle soon after announcing a 25-basis-point hike, gold reached a nine-month high on the international market due to a weak dollar.

Having earlier in the day reached its highest level since April 2022, spot gold was up $31 at $1,955 per ounce.


After a year of bigger rate hikes, the US central bank on Wednesday reduced the rate rise to a quarter percentage point. It said that the battle against high inflation had reached a turning point, but that “winning” would still require raising rates and keeping them there at least through 2023.

Moreover, local silver prices rose by Rs50 per tola and Rs42.88 per 10 grammes to settle at Rs2,300 and Rs1,971.88, respectively.