In a notable development, gold prices in Pakistan witnessed a substantial increase, with the per-tola price surging by Rs1,600 in the local market.

The gold rate climbed to a new height, reaching Rs230,200 in the domestic market, reflecting the ongoing economic dynamics.

Specifically, the price of 10 grammes of 22-karat gold has also experienced an upward trend, trading at Rs180,913.


This surge in gold prices is likely to impact various sectors of the economy, prompting investors and market observers to closely monitor the situation.

Simultaneously, the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) has marked a week of positive trends and significant growth in business activities following the recently held general elections.

As the business week concluded, the KSE-100 index stood at 65,793 points, indicating a gain of 468 points, or 0.70 per cent. 

Throughout the week, the KSE-100 index reached its peak at an impressive 66,150 points, underscoring the confidence of investors in the market.

However, it is noteworthy that the index experienced fluctuations, with the lowest point recorded at 65,187.