Actors Aadi Adeal Amjad and Faizan Sheikh appeared on Naumaan Ijaz’s show G Sarkar on which the duo made revelations on a problematic episode shooting with A-list actress Neelam Muneer.

The hosting duo mentioned that when Neelam came as a guest on their show, they asked her a question that, “What do you prefer, baby boy or baby girl?”

The Qayamat diva took offence in the question and expressed her displeasure and disappointment.


Aadi stated, “She took offence in the question nd interpreted in some other way, she got angry and told us that she is leaving the set.”

Faizan added to this that, “A celebrity should do their homework and realise the kind of show they are going to, if they are uncomfortable with the content, they shouldn’t come in the first place.”

He concluded by saying that they told the Qaid-e-Tanhai star that they are taking out the question and won’t ask it but she still did not calm down immediately. It took them a lot of time to convince her.

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Earlier in 2017, when Neelam’s dance video on Mahi Way went viral on social media, Aadi made a parody video of hers.