Information Minister Attaullah Tarar on May 19 condemned a political party, a thinly veiled reference to PTI, for spreading disinformation and negative propaganda online regarding the Kyrgyzstan incident in which mobs attacked Pakistani students.

The minister exclaimed that “wrong news” was being spread on social media by a single political party to “humiliate the government” and it is utterly condemnable.

It should be noted that social media was flooded with news of deaths and rapes of Pakistani students which has turned out to be not true.


“I believe that such shameful act should not be done in politics,” he stressed.

Tarar said there was a clash between local students and Arab students, after which this incident took place. He added that the government is helping the students who want to come back.

“Kyrgyz foreign minister has said that no deaths have occurred in the incident and that the situation is peaceful,” said Foreign Minister Ishaq Dar during a press conference.