Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz Vice-President Maryam Nawaz, while speaking to the media on Wednesday said that “The sitting government is not concerned about lawlessness, inflation, or increasing crimes.”

” Its [Government’s] priorities revolve around how to tease the Opposition, silence the media, and how to plan the next rigging,” said Maryam.

Lashing out at the performance of the Pakistan Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI) government, Maryam said that the parameters of performance are measured in good or bad.


She described the incumbent government’s past three-year performance as “nothing short of destruction”. 

In her opinion, the PML-N president Shehbaz Sharif was talking about a national consensus not a formation of a national government.

“The country is in dire need of national reconciliation barring this government. All others parts must unite and think how the government should be ousted,” added Maryam.

She commented on the Media Regulatory Authority, saying that the government is creating hurdles for the media, adding that the bill was a continuation of the draconian government’s incumbent policies aimed at censoring the media. 

In response to a question on Nawaz Sharif’s return, she said: “There is no precedent for what the PML-N has endured. Nawaz Sharif has taken far more than was required.”

“I would like to say again today that this is an illegitimate and incompetently imposed government. And what they are is not accountability but revenge,” reiterated Maryam.

“Circumstances have changed a lot. Very soon, you will see a lot of things change. Nawaz Sharif will return to the country when it is necessary for him to do so,” said Maryam.