Bollywood star Govinda told Rajat Sharma in the hit TV show Aap ki Adaalat that James Cameron offered him the lead role in the Hollywood blockbuster, Avatar.

Not only that, Govinda says he gave Cameron the name for the title of the movie, Avatar, but he turned down the role as it would take too many years to complete the film. The actor said that he didn’t want to spend 400 plus days roaming around in blue body paint.


In case you didn’t know, Avatar was the highest-grossing film ever until Avengers: Endgame recently took over. It also won three Oscars. Avatar, a sci-fi fantasy about humans colonising a planet called Pandora for its mineral unobtanium, starred Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver.


After these revelations, people are confused over whether Govinda is telling the truth or is just being the Ravi Shastri of Bollywood?

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