The Sindh government has committed to undertake the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the historic Marie Mata Temple in Soldier Bazaar of Karachi, Dawn has reported.

During Question Hour in a session of the Sindh Assembly, the Minority Affairs Minister raised his concern, emphasizing that the demolition of any place of worship is strictly prohibited. Consequently, all construction activities on the temple site have been halted.

The temple, which has a rich history of over 150 years, had undergone partial renovation around eight years ago, during which the temple deities were temporarily relocated to a nearby room located above a storm water drain. Unfortunately, last week, the structure on the temple’s premises was demolished by a builder who intended to construct a plaza in its place.


A woman living on the property said that her ancestors gave the land for the temple, but now she’s building her house there.

According to the minister, the minority affairs department will conduct a comprehensive survey to prepare a detailed report, and subsequently oversee the reconstruction of the temple on its original site.