Maryam Nawaz has been in the spotlight since the day she took oath as the Chief Minister of Punjab. She recently visited a government school in Lahore where she entered a classroom and asked the students what they are studying to which the students replied, “Conjunctions, Grammar.” She picked up a book from a child, checked the cover and responded, “Oh Geography.” To this, the students collectively replied, “No, English.”

The interaction has been garnering a lot of reactions on social media. A user commented that people should understand that the textbooks in government schools are always compiled together and that is why she got confused. In the longer version of the video, it can be seen that a teacher explained the same to her.
Another netizen commented that even if we accept this explanation it makes no sense how she understood geography as conjunction.


Amidst all the conversation around the videos some also showed their awe seeing the spaciousness of a government school in Lahore as they lamented the condition of schools in rural areas.

A Twitter user commended her for visiting a school and showing her commitment to education.