Legendary singer Mehdi Hassan’s grave is in bad condition. He is buried in Karachi.

Twitter user Bilal Gilani posted a video with the latest condition of his grave.

“This is apparently grave of Mehdi Hassan, the greatest ghazal singer of our times, recipient of hundreds of intl awards and if nothing else singer of dosens of Milli naghmas He deserves better treatment.”


He also requested Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Administrator Karachi Murtaza Wahab to do something about the condition of the grave.

Salman Sufi in a tweet said that the video is ‘disturbing’ and has said that the Salman Sufi Foundation will renovate the gravesite. Talking exclusively to The Current, Sufi said, “The main structure has been badly damaged.” He added that even the headstone has a verse that is written wrong and the area has litter all around.


Talking about the renovation Sufi said, “We are going to renovate the entire columns and get proper calligraphy work done.”

Mehdi Hassan passed away in 2012. He was born in July 1927. His career spanned 50 years.  Some of his most famous songs and ghazals include, “Mujhay Tum Nazar Say”, “Jaag Utha Insaan”, “Gulon May Rang Bharay” among many other countless hits.