Balochistan’s fisherman became a millionaire overnight as he caught a rare croaker (sowa) fish off the coast of Jiwani that he sold for a whopping Rs 8.6 million.

As per reports, the weight of the rare croaker fish was 48 kilograms. It was sold in the Jiwani fish market on Sunday at a cost of Rs 150,000 per kg.

The Deputy Director of Fisheries Ahmed Nadeem confirmed that a local fisherman of Koh-e-Sar Bazar named Waheed Baloch, hailing from Gwadar’s Pishukan village has caught the rare fish.


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According to aquatic life experts, the sowa fish comes adjacent to the shores of Jiwani and nearby the sea in summers for breeding.

The large croaker fish was very much in demand in Europe and China.

Earlier, a fisherman called Abdul Haq had caught a croaker fish that was sold for Rs 780,000.