By now everyone knows that Hamza Ali Abbasi has taken a break from acting to focus on his spiritual journey and getting a better understanding of Islam. The actor turned evangelist also often shares his thoughts and understanding of religion on social media.

Recently Abbasi tweeted that he fails to understand why we need a Messiah or an Imam when we have the Quran.

When a follower shared his thoughts on the matter, Hamza said that he is “referring to terms that denote self-proclaimed directly divinely guided people.”


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Hamza further asserted that all problems within Islam exist today because we have started neglecting the Quran.

Following Hamza’s comments, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Shahroz Sabzwari expressed their reservations and disagreed with Abbasi. While Mohsin advised Hamza to keep learning, Sabzwari commented that he fails to understand why some people become the thaikaydaar (custodians) of Islam.

It is pertinent to mention here that Hamza supported Haider’s former wife Fatima Sohail when she accused him of domestic abuse and cheating.

“We need to make a horrible example of Mr Mohsin for all those men who dare raise there hand on the female servants of Allah & try to justify it,” Hamza had said.

On the other hand, Yasir Hussain supported Hamza’s stance and said that he is saying the right thing.