Think before you tweet.

While Hamza Ali Abbasi is a talented actor, his social media needs some ‘monitoring’. Abbasi’s tweets land him in controversy every now and then, and it isn’t without reason.

On July 18, following former prime minster Shahid Khaqan Abbasi’s arrest, Hamza tweeted:


A Twitter user chided him for using ‘rape’ in a political tweet.

Instead of acknowledging his mistake, Abbasi replied that his word is “apt for what they did.”

We think Hamza was rightly schooled. Rape analogy is not something to be used lightly. Many people on social media use rape as an analogy in tweets related to sports or rivalries or politics. Not only is it in bad taste but it is also a disservice to rape survivors.

As Lala Mustafa explained to Hamza, “Rape is about power. Rape is more of a psychological crime against a person whereby they are stripped of their power and agency.”

We hope Mr Abbasi will use his social media more responsibly in the future and think before tweeting.