Hamza Ali Abbasi does not like item numbers and he’s never hidden his dislike for the songs.
While participating in a recent episode of a podcast, the actor once again strongly opposed item number songs .

In a video clip taken from the interview, Hamza Ali Abbasi openly talks about common songs and item numbers along with fellow artistes.


The host can be seen questioning the actor about item numbers, to which Hamza Ali Abbasi replies, “I don’t support item numbers.” He then draws a clear line between what constitutes an item number and what qualifies as music. He gives an impassioned plea for a shift away from explicit sexual content.

“We give ourselves false comfort that one is hot, one is vulgar or one is sexy. There is no such thing as either an item number or normal songs with nothing in between, there is a difference between the two.”

He further clarified that songs which only show dance and no nudity are normal songs which he does not oppose, however, he stressed that he will never support any song which is an item number.

Actress Hania Aamir, also present in the interview with Hamza Ali Abbasi, agreed with him and said that these issues need to be discussed openly so that films can be improved.