Hania Aamir, in a video posted to her YouTube channel, has announced that she will now be making TikTok videos as she is obsessed with them.

The first video that she tried making involved her entering the car from one door and exiting from the other. When she exits the second door, her clothes change.

The second and third videos involved her indulging in tricks in which she instantly changed her clothes and shoes.


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While Hania’s initial TikTok videos were viral challenges, she wanted to make some original content so she decided to make a video in which she plays the double-role of a mother and daughter. As the daughter enters the house, apparently from a late-night party, the mother waits for her with a slipper in her hand. The daughter runs to her room to dodge the slipper but the slipper follows her to the room and starts banging on the door.

Once the banging stops, the daughter thinks she is safe but immediately the slipper hits her head and her outfit changes and she turns into a girl who does house chores.

Ending the video, Hania asked her followers to rate her TikTok videos by commenting ‘ON’ or ‘OFF’.