The current Pakistani cricket team has entered in to our lives like a breath of fresh air. We love them because they’re extremely talented and hard working, they never embody the dog-eats-dog mindset, support and respect each other without a doubt, and most importantly how much have fangirls are ready to die for them.

Haris Rauf is endearing to many women because of his looks and his prodigious cricketing skills. The bowler was a guest on Friday’s episode of the Geo News show Hasna Mana Hai where a fan had an endearing question for him. She asked him about what will she and other fan girls like actress Maya Ali do now that their crush, Haris, has gotten married and settled down.

To this, Rauf jokingly responded by saying that he had to settle down with someone, since he can’t marry everyone of his fans. He then assured his fans that they can mend their broken hearts by finding someone else, since there are other cricket players out there.


“Not just cricketers, there are many other people out there,” he quipped.

Another fan also had a hilarious question about how when Rauf is playing on the field, he can hear the women behind him shouting out marriage proposals. To which the cricket player said when he is playing cricket, he and his teammates are focused on the game rather than responding to the fans sitting behind them.

“We try to look for them after the match but we never find them,” Rauf joked.

You can watch the complete interview below