Senior journalist Hassan Nisar is under fire for trying to shout down his fellow panelist Reema Omer after she asked him to let her finish her point during the broadcast of Geo’s Report Card programme.

Nisar and Reema disagreed over the way politics is done in Pakistan. According to Hassan Nisar, in Pakistan politics was solely dependent on how much money you want to make, calling it a business. Reema Omer disagreed and said this practice was prevalent all over the world, not just in Pakistan, and gave examples of India and Bangladesh.

At this, Nisar “rudely” interrupted her, saying “he doesn’t think so”. Reema told Nisar that he speaks so loudly and if he could let her finish her point. Nisar responded that he was “deaf that’s why he speaks loudly”. At this Reema responded: “Well, I am not [deaf], so I find it strange.”


Nisar replied that he didn’t care if he was too loud. Reema retorted that the “viewers also think that you often try to shout me down during the show; it is not good optics”.

The clips of the debate started making rounds on social media, prompting debates on whether the senior journalist was rude to his fellow journalist. Reema also commented on these tweets, saying that some clips were “edited” and people were being misled by those.

The host of the show also tried to dispel the impression that Reema wasn’t given enough to make her point.

Some Twitterati stood in solidarity with Reema Omer, appreciating the way she handled Nisar for his rude behaviour, while others supported Nisar for standing up to a narrative that allegedly endorses corruption.

The supporters of Nisar think he was right.