The past month, Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar broke the internet with his larger than life personality and fashion choices. The government official has been a model, rapper and music producer in Hollywood.

Bangwar showed up on Mathira’s show, where the former singer opened up about why he had decided to leave behind his career in Hollywood and come Pakistan to do his CSS. Bangwar revealed that it was the realization that he wanted to help his country that made him want to come back:
“I completed my Bachelors in Fashion Marketing, my second degree was LLB. My mind would keep fluctuating between art and academia…Then I got signed to a music label. So I was travelling, limousines, first class, this and that…So when I came to Pakistan, reality would hit me. I’m first class in Emirates and here people would get pushed around while travelling on buses. I’m eating the best food from the best restaurants, and here people don’t have anything to eat. So I would ask myself ‘What am I doing?’ I was disconnected from reality, and somehow felt like I was wasting my time. So while I was on my break, I came back to Pakistan and decided to stop complaining and take action.”

Bangwar also ta about how shocked other people in his life were when they found out about his decision to stay in Pakistan.
“People would say to me ‘Why have you come back? You’re set in life go back! A government job?!’ Because of that I was absolutely determined to show them that why not? If someone wants to do something good for their country then why can’t they come back?”


Watch the full interview here: