Tw: murder, decapitation

International model Abby Choi was found dismembered after the police discovered her head in a soup pot.
The Hong Kong based model went missing on Tuesday and the police found the model’s legs in a fridge three days later. On Sunday, police found her head and ribs in a soup pot
According to the police, Choi’s former former husband, Alex Kwong, along with his mother, father and elder brother have been arrested and have been charged with murder. Her husband has also been arrested although he has not been charged yet.
The police found Choi’s identity and credit cards on the ground floor of a three-storey house in Tai Po, which had been rented by her father-in-law a few weeks ago.
“Tools that are used to dismember human bodies were found in the flat, including meat grinders, chainsaws, long raincoats, gloves, and masks,” Superintendent Alan Chung said on Saturday.
According to Chung, Choi had financial disputes with her ex-husband and his family, who were unhappy with the way she was spending her money.
Choi had been featured in Elle, Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. She also put in regular appearances at Paris Fashion Week.
Her two children are being taken care of by her mother.