Today we will introduce you to some best Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools that will help you a lot and save your time.

Here are some free AI tools:


This tool is used for creating images from Text. This website will give you 15 daily tokens for free. Here is how you can use it;


-Sign Up your account

-Give your prompt in then given box

-It will give you four results for each token


This tool is used to remove watermarks from the images. This website gives daily five free trials after signup. Here is how to use this tool;


-Sign Up your account

-Upload image then click on remove watermark

-After processing click on Download button


This is the best website I mostly use. Actually this website is use to extract text from your video. If you have a video and want the subtitle, just put your video and it will generate perfect subtitles of your video. Here is the guide how you can use this;


-Sign Up your account

-Upload video

-After few minutes of processing it will generate subtitles from your video


This website is used to remove background of unlimited images free without any signup. Here is to use this tool;


-Upload your image

-After few second it will remove your image’s background

-Click download


This tool is used to make embed code of any video. If you want to upload your video in word press article and you want a HTML embed code, simply upload your video and it will generate an embed code of your video. Here is how to use this tool:


-Click Upload

-Upload your video

-After processing click on embed code

-Copy code and use this