Prime Minister’s strategic reforms initiative for the mental wellbeing of citizens, has launched a mobile/web based application named ‘Humraaz’ along with an integrated helpline -1166- in collaboration with Ministry of Health Services, Regulations and Coordination, World Health Organisation (WHO), National Information Technology Board (NITB) and Federal Directorate of Immunization.

The application is available in both Google and Apple stores and the toll free helpline is also active.

More than 140 psychologists/psychiatrists have registered in the initiative, out of which almost 60 plus are Psychiatric Resident Doctors and Counsellors. Appointments are booked based on availability/preferred time slots of the psychologists/psychiatrists.


More than 30 government psychologists/psychiatrists are onboard for providing free consultation services to citizens having mental health concerns and thoughts of self-harming.

Registration of Doctors (Psychologists/ Psychiatrists) will remain open – the profiles are reviewed and approved by the Panel of Experts of Ministry of National Health Services Regulations and Coordination.

Here are the key features of the application:
  • Guided and principle based counselling and psychotherapy sessions

  • Daily activities monitoring

  • 24/7 connection with professionals

  • International standard knowledge base

  • ChatBot (including self-assessment)

  • WhatsApp support appointment booking

  • Support groups of people for sharing of experiences.

Salman Sufi, the Head of Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit, while talking exclusively to The Current said, “The government of Pakistan has recognized that trust in mental health professionals is a major barrier to seeking help, and has taken steps to address this issue. One such initiative is the government’s new mental health application for citizen’s wellbeing called “Humraaz.”

Explaining that the application provides users with access to mental health professionals and resources, Sufi stressed that it aims to increase awareness about mental health issues and reduce stigma.

He continued by saying that the government is working to ensure that mental health professionals are adequately trained and qualified to provide high-quality care, through setting rigorous standards for education, licensure, and accreditation, and providing ongoing training and professional development opportunities.

“These efforts will help to increase trust in mental health professionals and encourage more people to seek the help they need.”

While answering a question about the protection of user data Sufi said, “Ensuring the privacy and security of users’ data is a top priority for the government of Pakistan’s Humraaz mental health application. To achieve this, the government has implemented strict data protection policies and procedures, including using secure servers, encrypting data, and limiting access to user information to authorized personnel only.”

In addition, the government has also appointed a dedicated team to monitor the application’s security and respond to any potential threats or breaches, Sufi elaborated. “These measures will help to safeguard the sensitive data of users and protect their privacy and wellbeing,” he said.