Following a cabinet decision, the provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has opened several government-owned guest houses for the public. However, the per-night charges of staying in these lavish mansions are a little steeper than expected and are in line with some of the highest rates charged by the best private hotels in the province.

Some 49 government-owned buildings which have been opened include official residences such as Chief Minister House, Governor House, K-P Assembly Speaker and Police House. The aim of the decision was to allow the public to enjoy these buildings and generate much-needed revenue for the government.

Here’s an overview of the prices:


BuildingPrice (per night)No of Rooms available
Governor House, Nathia GaliRs 40,0008
CM HouseRs 24,0004
KP Assembly Speaker House,
Rs 16,0008
KP Police HouseRs 12,0008

Speaking to the media, KP Senior Tourism Minister Atif Khan said that online bookings for these facilities will begin after Eid ul Azha. Further details on the services offered have not been shared as yet.