Setting the bar a bit too high for all Swifties around the globe, Pakistani boy Bilal Ilyas Jhandir (20) has officially secured a place in the Guinness World Records for identifying the most songs sung by the superstar from their lyrics in just one minute. The self-proclaimed “die-hard fan” broke the previous record of 27 by naming an impressive 34 songs, reported


“I have been listening to Taylor Swift since my childhood. I have listened to each and every song of hers. I can identify almost any song of hers from the lyrics,” Bilal shared with Guinness World Records.


To achieve the remarkable accomplishment, Bilal had to recognise Swift’s songs from their opening lyrics, read aloud without any accompanying music. Despite already being well-versed in the lyrics of all her songs, he dedicated 13 weeks to extensive preparation, even going so far as to recite them in his sleep.

Bilal characterised his record-breaking attempt as “an easy task,” acknowledging, however, that the complexity increased as the lyrics were spoken aloud by a man, rather than being sung by Swift.

Bilal had already broken three other world records earlier, including identifying the most animals from the sounds they make under one minute in 2021, and last year, identifying the most Justin Bieber songs from their lyrics in one minute.

“This record is my favorite of all of them. Being called a ‘Certified Swiftie’ or ‘Officially Amazing Swiftie’ is such an incredible feeling,” the fan expressed, adding that he considers this accomplishment his chart-topper, reports The Express Tribune.

Notably, Bilal, a college student pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science, has been listening to the Red artist since the age of 13 and declared Folklore to be an “absolute masterpiece,” easily naming it as his favourite album.