Atlas Honda, the leading motorcycle brand in Pakistan, has recently announced price adjustments for its bikes. The new prices are set to take effect today, August 5th.

Here are the latest prices of Atlas Honda motorcycles in Pakistan:

Motorcycle ModelPrevious Price (Rs)New Price (Rs)Previous Price (Rs)
Dream 70165,900168,9003,000

The CD-70 model will see an increase of Rs3,000, bringing its new price to Rs157,900. Similarly, the Dream 70 model’s price has been raised by Rs3,000, now priced at Rs168,900.


For the Pridor model, there has been a significant increase of Rs5,000, setting its new price at Rs208,900. As for the CG-125 model, it will now be priced at Rs234,900. Additionally, the CB-125F model’s price has been adjusted to Rs390,900, and the CB-150F model will now cost Rs493,900.

These changes in prices reflect the current market conditions and various factors impacting the automobile industry. Customers should be aware of these adjustments while making their purchasing decisions after the specified date.