The wait is over because Honda Pakistan will soon be launching its new variant of Honda City.

Competitor companies are already coming up with new models – for example, Toyota recently revealed its most anticipated Yaris series. Hyundai has already launched Tucson and will soon introduce Elantra. New entrants are already coming up with competitive models like MG and Changan. Hence it is imperative for Honda Atlas Pakistan Limited (ATPL) to introduce something worthwhile.

If you want to know the release details of the car, you need to understand the generation and chassis codes system. The generation of Honda City currently in Pakistan is as old as the fifth generation in line with chassis code GM2/GM3.


The 5th gen model was replaced by the 6th gen back in 2014. The 6th gen had chassis code GM4/GM5/GM6/GM9. The Honda City in our region (ASEAN) is known as GM6, and it came in 2014 and remained till 2019.

Logically, the GM6 variant will be replaced with the most recent model of Honda City (7th gen) that was launched in Thailand in November 2019. However, Pakistan has been unable to launch the 7th gen is because it follows the Honda Indonesia product lineup. Honda has not yet introduced the 7th gen model in Indonesia.

Besides, when it comes to the design and performance of the new Honda City: it is bolder, bigger and as per Honda, much better equipped with improved driving dynamics.

However, some reports have suggested that Honda Atlas is working on bringing the GN1, which is the newest generation of Honda City, but it is not happening anytime soon.


According to Pakistan Import Data, Honda Altas imported Complete Built Units (CBU) of the 6th generation (one model before 7th gen) from Thailand.

The data further shows that this variant will have an L15Z engine with a 1.5L engine; it is the same engine that we have in the contemporary model of Honda City.

Importing the 6th gen model means one thing: Honda imports the foreign model and then after analysis, starts local production. But there are chances that car enthusiasts will severely criticise this decision as Honda Thailand has already discontinued the 6the gen model.

Instead of introducing the 7th gen model, Honda fans will get a ‘new model’ that has been discontinued globally, with reportedly, the same decade-old engine.