A 90-year-old Indian woman who is visiting her family home in Rawalpindi has expressed her desire to visit Murree and Islamabad during her visit. She was talking to Geo News reporter Azaz Syed.

Reena Verma had to leave when she was only 15 due to partition. After waiting for 75 years, Reena Verma arrived at the Wagah-Attari border on Saturday (July 16).

As soon as she arrived in Pakistan, Verma set off for Rawalpindi with teary eyes to visit her house in Prem Niwas.


“I am beyond thrilled. All my life I dreamed of this. I wanted to return to my home, the street,” she said while talking to The Quint, an Indian news media outlet.

“Ever since I received the visa, or since I applied for the visa, those memories are returning of my family…of everyone,” she added.


She joined a Facebook group called the India-Pakistan Heritage Club earlier in 2022 and made a post expressing her intention to track down her ancestral home.

“Mr Sajaad Husaain from the group told me that if I tell him where my house used to be, he will find it. And finding my house was not difficult at all because it is surrounded by a lot of landmark buildings. I explained to him clearly and he located my house and sent me pictures.”

She quickly applied for a visa but in March 2022, it was denied. She did not give up though.

The 90-year-old received a three-month visa from the Pakistani High Commission in May this year.