Trolls. We have to deal with them all the time. They’re everywhere – posting salty comments and making their presence felt. Celebrities and public personalities, in particular, have it harder than any of us common people because they are more often than not the target of such trolls.

Recently, renowned anchor Mansoor Ali Khan was hit by such a troll but his response was such that it left the troll shaking.

The troll, whose Facebook username is Muhammad Kashif, sent a message to Mansoor accusing him of being a sellout. Mansoor responded to him saying that he has forwarded his profile to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and that an FIR will be lodged against him soon. The troll swiftly replied saying that his message was a mistake and that he is a big fan of the anchor’s.


Lesson: Trolls can also take a U-turn in 30 mins, you just have to deal with them intelligently ?

Posted by Mansoor Ali Khan on Monday, July 15, 2019