Did you know a single person uses almost 365 plastic bags a year? Multiply that with billions of people worldwide and the number is too high to even register. While countries around the world are taking active measures to reduce plastic waste, Pakistan has still not tackled the problem head on. However, as citizens of this planet, it is our civic duty to take care of our surroundings and play an active role in preserving our mother Earth.

Sasha Alamgir from the Green Gang Pakistan shares some easy tips on how to eliminate plastic from our lives.

  1. Always carry a reusable cloth bag in your bag so you don’t have to turn to plastic bags.
  2. Carry stainless steel cutlery and bottles/mugs in your bag.
  3. Take your own boxes to the grocers, meat shop.
  4. Store food/water in glass containers/bottles.
  5. Line dustbins with newspapers instead of plastic bags. Cut out any religious and Quranic references.
  6. Recycle items such as egg cartoons, tissue boxes, cans and aluminium foils.