Human Rights Lawyer and activist Moniza Kakar has been active on Twitter to show the suffering caused by the government policy of repatriation of Afghans. She has been vocal about the Pashtun community getting deported while being mistaken for Afghans. Her reporting and advocacy of the rights of refugees has gained her the ire of the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) which has sent a complaint to Twitter, stating that her account is posting against the policies of the state.

She posted screenshots of the email she received from Twitter on her account, stating that in the interest of transparency, “we are writing to inform you that Twitter has received a request from PTA regarding your Twitter account, @Moni-Kakar, that claims the following content violated LAW of Pakistan.”

To this, former Senator and leader of the National Democratic Movement Afrasiab Khattak responded, “HR lawyering is not easy in Pakistan”.


While talking to The Current, Moniza seemed unfazed, stating, “Aise kam karein ge to zahir si bat hai kuch to masail ka samna karna parta hai [When we do things like these, then of course we have to face some problems].”

She went on to explain that this time round, Twitter has been requested to block her account altogether. She has also posted the tweet that has been referred to the Twitter team by PTA. It was a video showing a documented Afghan refugee, outside the holding centre in Karachi, whose wife and two-month-old were picked up by the police in a raid.
Upon asking if she has another account on social media, she mentioned that her LinkedIn profile is active.