Malik Tahseen Raza has reported in Dawn News that police received a call on the 15 emergency number from a man in dire need of help.

The man told the police that his family had nothing to eat in the past two days, adding that he is at the verge of committing suicide. 

The caller, Bashir Ahmed from Sargani village in tehsil Karor Lal Esan, is a daily labourer but is currently jobless since quite some time, while inflation has worsened his circumstances. He had a wife and four children who had nothing to eat since the last two days.


Resultantly, Layyah DPO Asadur Rehman called Bashir back and counselled him. In the morning, the DPO met Bashir at his house in village Sargani along with his team. They brought enough food to feed the family for the coming few weeks. He also gave Bashir cash.

In a video clip, Bashir told a YouTuber that the items of daily use that the DPO had given him must be worth about Rs60,000 to Rs70,000.

The DPO was accompanied by Inspector Muhammad Idris Khan, the SHO of Karor Police Station.

Talking to the media, the DPO said it was the first time a citizen called at 15 to say that his family was dying of hunger.

“I asked him to be patient, telling him that we (police) would come to his home to help him.”

The DPO said he requested him to not put the lives of his children and wife in danger. He then urged people to remain conscious of their surroundings and people.