One of the jailed former prime minister (PM) Nawaz Sharif’s sons, Hussain Nawaz, is planning to come to Pakistan to strike a deal with the government for his family members’ release, senior journalist Dr Shahid Masood has claimed.

Speaking to a private media outlet, he said that Hussain was seeking a guarantee from the authorities that he would not be arrested upon arrival and was taking matters into his own hands because he “did not trust his uncle and incumbent party chief Shehbaz Sharif”.

While Nawaz’s daughter and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President (VP) Maryam Nawaz is already in National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) custody, his sons Hassan and Hussain Nawaz are wanted for their involvement in the Avenfield and other corruption references against members of the Sharif family.


“Nawaz’s son is looking for a retired judge, bureaucrat or an ex-army official as a guarantor who can make sure that he doesn’t get arrested after reaching Pakistan,” the journalist claimed.

“Only time will tell when the deal will be struck and how far will it go,” Dr Shahid added.

He also criticised PM Imran Khan for “backtracking” on his stance against corrupt individuals. “He [the premier] had vowed to not strike a deal with anyone, but now he is offering to release them if they can return the looted money.”