Actor Aagha Ali has slammed local publications for twisting his words in context to a statement that he made about the women with whom he has worked with in the entertainment industry in a recent interview.

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Taking to Instagram stories, Mere Meherbaan star wrote: “Really sad to see how your words can be twisted to sound so negative just so these media pages can get some attention and likes,” Ali wrote on his Instagram Stories. “I’m so disappointed. I will soon address all the nonsense these pages are posting and will take legal action if required. Till then believe in ‘what you see me saying’ rather than what you read.”



“Sadly the journalism I see nowadays is just irresponsible,” he continued. “They don’t care how the person they are writing about would feel about it. No one reconfirmed my statement!”

In his interview with Urdu News, the actor was asked that why has he chose former co-star Hina Altaf as his life partner. “I met a lot of women while working, I made friends with a few but many of them were very artificial,” he had said. “I mean, they weren’t what they presented themselves to be. While working with Hina I realised she’s a very real person and didn’t have those fake traits. She speaks the truth and minds her own business.”