While being taken to court in police custody, alleged killer Zahir Jaffer’s father, Zakir Jaffer spoke to the reporters present. He said, “I condemn the murder, it is a heinous crime, I sympathize with the Mukadam family its a very tragic incident and I would personally like to make a request to Mr Mukadam because I know him personally, and my family knew the girl socially as well…it’s a very heinous crime and I would like justice to prevail”.

When the same reporter asked him about how he found about about the incident, Zakir replied, “that is a very long story.”

The mother of Zahir Jaffer, Asmat Adamjee did not speak to the media present and walked with the police with her face fully covered.


Asmat Adamjee being taken to court in police custody

The court gave the police a two-day remand for the parents of Zahir Jaffer and they are to remain in police custody.

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Meanwhile, TherapyWorks, the counselling company which came to Zahir’s aid on his father’s request, has been sealed in Islamabad by the police.