In a leaked audio of Therapy Works, a counselling centre, it was revealed that Zahir Jaffer was a therapist for students.

Despite being suspended from the programme, Zahir was an observer for level 5, which is an advanced level where students are allowed to take clients, but was not practically involved in the programme.

Zahir was, however, allowed to take students as clients.


As per the leaked audio, some time back, Zahir had a fight with his mother while he was in the United Kingdom (UK) and the police had to be called. He had a history of hard drinking and drug use. Despite his history, Therapy Works admitted it was wrong on their part to enroll him into the programme, level 3.

Other social media accounts are stating that Tahir Ahmed stated that when Zahir’s brother got married earlier this year, Zahir was enraged about not being the center of attention. After which he started behaving very erratically.

Tahir recommended that Zahir see someone for therapy but Zahir’s father, Zakir Jaffer refused.

Senior Journalist Salman Masood writes, “Zahir detained Noor against her will for almost two days at his house in an upscale Islamabad neighbourhood. He forced her to make a phone call to her parents and lie about being in Lahore when family and friends started searching for her. Her efforts to escape remained unsuccessful.”

A guard at the house saw Noor Mukadam trying to escape as she jumped off the balcony. When she jumped off the balcony, she landed on the Air Conditioner Unit ( Condenser). Zahir too jumped off from the balcony and grabbed her. The guard tried to help her but Zahir grabbed her by her hair and took her back into her room and locked the door. There was no other way inside the room, reports Geo News.

Therapy Works sent their people after Zahir’s father had called for help. The people who came to the scene went up the balcony using a ladder. One of the men got into the balcony and Zahir came running with a knife to stab him. He saw what Zahir had done to Noor. The Therapy Works team grabbed Zahir and tied him up.

Meanwhile, a neighbour had gone to the Koshar Police station to inform them about the happenings at Zahir’s residency. By the time the police reached, the team of Therapy Works had tied up Zahir.

Noor was murdered and then beheaded. SSP Investigation Ata-ur-Rehman said, “When we arrested him, he was sound and in his senses. He may have had a past history [of taking drugs] but at least at this time he was completely in his senses.”

The SSP also stated that while initially, the police had stated that Noor had been shot, there was now no evidence of her being shot. They did find a firearm at the residence but there was no proof that the gun was used on Noor.

SSP Investigation Ata-ur-Rehman, said that the statements of the victim’s parents, and the suspect’s father, besides two security guards, have been recorded.

The interior ministry has decided to put the alleged killer of Noor Mukadam on the Exit Control List (ECL) at the request of the Islamabad Police.

Tahir Ahmed is also under investigation for Therapy Work’s alleged role in the incident.