Bushra Ansari’s currently winning hearts as the strict mother-in-law on the ARY drama ‘Tere Bin’, however it seems like the actor isn’t too comfortable with the character’s cold, selfish nature. Especially in a particular scene where her character Maa Begum slaps Meerab for dancing.
In a behind the scenes interiew, Ansari confessed that she finds slapping scenes quite difficult to perform:
“The one thing that I don’t like is slapping people, and I get incredibly upset over it. Not just girls, but with boys as well I have to give a lot of re-takes. In a lot of previous dramas I had to slap actors like my own son. I slapped Wahaj, Ahsan Khan and then Mikaal Zulfiqar…Just one thing I would change about her character is how much she slaps people. Because it breaks my heart. Allah karay I never have to come across such a situation.”
Ansari also explained the mindset and personality of Maa Begam, and elaborated on how when Meerab began dancing at her wedding, she challenged this mindset which is why she was slapped.
“I (my character) have a set of rules like ‘this is my house, this is my family and these are my rules, and this isn’t right that my daughter-in-law is dancing at wedding. But no one would find this to be proper, as this is a part of our own culture… I see women now days are dancing at their wedding and wearing full makeup. Back in our days we had a tradition that a bride would wear no makeup so that her face would glow.”

You can watch the complete interview here: