Animal rights activist and film-maker Mahera Omar, who had recently raised awareness about the situation of four elephants at the Karachi Zoological Gardens and Safari Park, has allegedly received threats due to her activism. She has sought protection from the police.

“So, some goons showed up at my neighbourhood the other day asking for ‘the madam who has been going to the zoo’. This was bound to happen. Months after we filed a petition in Sindh High Court for an independent medical assessment of the Karachi elephants, my life is
in danger,” the activist wrote in a tweet from the handle of Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

She is the co-founder of the animal rights organisation, which a few months ago had filed a petition in Sindh High Court to draw the attention towards the plight of elephants at Karachi Zoo.


In another tweet, Mahera Omar wrote: “The goons presumably saw me at the zoo with the Four paws veterinary team and now I’m their target. I fear for my family, and for my own life.”

She continued by adding, ” I request President Arif Alvi my local elected member of the National Assembly, and Bilawal Bhutto Zardar ito look into the matter.”

Speaking to Dawn, Mahera said, “I am living in fear…it was very difficult to help animals. And if anyone tries to draw attention towards the plight of animals, she/he has to face consequences.” She added that the security in her area has been increased.