In an exclusive interview with The News, former federal minister and central leader of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), Shazia Marri, shared her perspective on various topics, from her political journey to cultural aspirations.

Marri expressed her appreciation for the compliments she receives about resembling Indian actress Anushka Sharma.

She stated that she feels good when people say, “I resemble Indian actress Anushka Sharma”.


Addressing the cultural landscape, Marri expressed her vision for revitalizing the film industry if given the opportunity to lead the culture ministry in the future.

“If I get the culture ministry next time, I will restore the film industry and make it a vibrant one.” Film is a medium, and India has used it well. “We also have to make purposeful films. Our artists have a lot of talent,” she added.

Reflecting on her career, Marri revealed her beginnings as a schoolteacher and her passion for teaching children.

She acknowledged being married at a young age and conveyed her commitment to addressing social issues, particularly her stance against domestic violence and child marriages.

Responding to questions about Karachi’s street crimes, Marri acknowledged the challenges in a metropolitan city and emphasized the need for comprehensive solutions.

In discussing the hurdles faced in politics, Marri compared it to a “garland of thorns,” acknowledging the obstacles and opposition she encountered.

“If I start crying about the abuses and injustices done to me, I may not be able to move forward,” she added. “Many attempts were made to break me as a woman. I also faced harassment. I have seen very stiff opposition,” Shazia Marri recalled.

Marri recalled her entry into politics, inspired by the encouragement of Shaheed Benazir Bhutto. She made history by contesting and winning a general seat from Sanghar, eventually serving as both a provincial and federal minister. Coming from a family with a political legacy, she initially resisted entering politics but eventually embraced her role.

The former federal minister also discussed her participation in hosting a television show while being a member of the provincial assembly. Despite initially not anticipating becoming a federal minister, Marri consistently upheld the PPP’s ideology.