Veteran actor Sajid Hasan was invited as a guest on Ahmed Ali Butt’s podcast ‘Excuse Me’.

During the recording, Sajid discussed his relationship with Sahira and Rahat Kazmi on the ground-breaking series ‘Dhoop Kinare’, which was a major turning point in his career.


He also discussed declining parts that would have encouraged an anti-Indian attitude.
Speaking about the reasons behind his dislike of actors portraying anti-state roles, he said, “I’m disappointed with Tiger 3, which I’m currently watching, as it contains harmful stereotypes and biased content against Pakistan. I strongly dislike this approach and believe it’s unfair to actors. Even when I was new to the industry and faced pressure to play such roles, I’ve always rejected them. I believe our relationships with people from other countries should be respectful and positive, even if we disagree with their views. Moreover, I urge Pakistanis to appreciate the freedom we have, which was fought for by Quaid E Azam, and recognize the value of living without oppression, as I personally experienced suffocation during my time in India.”