Shandana Gulzar, a senior member and elected MNA of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), recently appeared on a talk show with Hamid Mir and claimed that a foreign ambassador advised her to quit the party.

She stated that this matter is directly concerned with the 2022 vote of no confidence brought against former Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Shandana said, “I was called by many people including an ambassador of a Western country who asked me to think about my future and leave Khan because our party [PTI] is ending.”


The MNA replied to the ambassador that the reason why she’s not quitting PTI is because it is a matter of “honour” for her.

Gulzar further emphasized that the entire process of VONC was “stupid” and “botched up”. And that it could have been done with finesse and elegance rather than being so clumsy.

An X user @DanMir_musings posted an old video of Shandana where she claimed that she was not told explicitly to quit PTI and Imran Khan. The user wrote, “Shandana Gulzar has already backtracked on this lie of hers that she was called by an embassy after VONC motion and was told to leave PTI and Imran.”