Call it what you want – gol gappa, paani puri, phuchka or the like, this street-side snack is a favorite for many across the subcontinent. But the beloved snack often ends up being the subject of many food experiments.

For example, a video posted on twitter by a food blogger shows how a good old gol gappa is now being made into ice-cream.

Goll-Gappay is everyone’s favorite street food and if you are not a gol –gappa or pani puri fan, we think you’ve never had one. After shopping in busy markets, Goll-Gappay is the first thing in every person mind. But the standard sweet and sour Goll- Gappay is being usurped by ice cream goll-gappay.


The video shows the cart owner making goll-gappay for a customer with vanilla ice cream and also gola kanda ice cream.


The video went viral on social media after being shared by an Indian channel. After the video went viral social media users are saying NO to this rather horrible combination.

What are your thoughts on this food fusion? Pass or fail?